Chinese online stores popular in the U.S.

Online Chinese wares are becoming popular with many Chinese living in the U.S., World Journal (世界日报)reports. Chinese American shoppers are attracted to the relatively low prices and large variety of items advertised on these overseas online shops.

One Southern California resident told World Journal that she could not find a hair clip she liked in the U.S., but the Chinese stores provide tens of thousands of choices. She bought dozens of hair clips using her cousin’s Chinese credit card, and her family members in China will bring them when they visit her in the U.S.

According to another Chinese American resident with five years of online shopping experience, some Chinese websites have started to accept American Visa and MasterCard credit cards, and a third-party payment system like PayPal will also sometimes ship the inventory to the United States. The resident's Chinese shopping list includes clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, phone case, and snacks.

“The clothes in the American outlets are cheap but out of fashion, and the department stores are too expensive, “ she told World Journal. In addition, she said, it is hard to find the right size in American stores since most are too large for her.

But there are also shortcomings for shopping in overseas stores, World Journal reports. Counterfeit products as well as prohibited and restricted items pop up on many of the sites. In addition, the third-party agents sometimes overcharge shipping fees and American credit card companies may charge international transaction fees.

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