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Chinese international students a burden for some host families

Many Chinese families send their children to schools in the United States and ask friends and relatives to take care of their children. Some of these host families have difficulties dealing with the children’s deviant behaviors, such as skipping school, smoking, hanging out late at night, and even getting pregnant, World Journal (世界日报) reports.

Hacienda Heights resident Ms. Shao has been helping her Chinese college friends for several years by taking care of their children. "Based on the host family contract, the children need to inform us when they go out, since we need to be responsible for the children’s safety and study. But many times we cannot control the children’s behavior,” she told World Journal. 

Shao recently received a 17-year-old girl. Her host child met another Chinese boy at her high school and quickly fell in love. The host family restricted the girl from going out at night, but the girl snuck out through the backyard. After several dates, the girl found out that she was pregnant, and without telling the host family the truth, went back to China with her boyfriend. It was not until the girl’s family called Shao that she found out what had happened.

Mr. Liu had a host son who constantly skipped classes. After Liu sent him to school at 8 a.m., the boy would go out with his friends to karaoke spots, game stores, and other shops. According to his school’s rules, the 17-year-old could not be absent for more than 10 days per semester without showing a doctor’s note. But that was not an issue — Liu's host son paid a doctor $60 each time for a three-day absence excuse.

"We cannot scorn the children, or they will be even more rebellious,"  one host family told World Journal. "Even the children's parents have trouble disciplining the spoiled child, and it is harder for the host family to do so." 

A version of this article was originally published in World Journal. This story was translated from Chinese to English. If you notice a mistake in translation, please email our editors at editor@alhambrasource.org.

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