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Chinese immigrants in SGV celebrate their adopted country

For many Chinese immigrants who obtained American citizenship, Independence Day not only means a long weekend but also a day to observe the traditions of a new country, reports The World Journal. Li Da, a father of two living in Alhambra, says he brings his family to join the city celebration every year because his children love to see the fireworks. Chinese Christian Church and many other Chinese Associations organize and gather immigrants to picnic at the park and to enjoy the fireworks at night. As they establish their roots in America, they wish the best in the future for the country on her birthday.

Read the article here from The World Journal (in Chinese only)

1 thought on “Chinese immigrants in SGV celebrate their adopted country”

  1. In my over 18 years practicing immigration law and teaching citizenship courses, I never heard an immigrant complain about the US.  Most appreciate what we have here in the US because of their experience from home.  Those who do abuse the “system” are but a small minority.

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