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Chinese bodybuilders global headquarters: Alhambra?

Alhambra officially became home to the World Chinese Bodybuilding and Fitness Association nearly a year ago. Founder Jicheng Qian, a former coach of China's national team and Alhambra resident, shares with the Los Angeles Times from his office apartment his vision for creating a global movevement.

"I want Chinese [bodybuilders] to realize their dreams," he said, sitting in his sparsely furnished office, decorated with a poster of himself and a world map that covers an entire wall. "I understand their passions, their goals. Why not help others get to where I've gotten — and beyond?"

The organization's website outlines a vision for promoting fitness, mental strenth, and a new vision of Chinese health.


We are the first ever global Chinese bodybuilding organization.Through cultural communication, we have popularized Chinese bodybuilding and fitness.We are aiming to show the world a new image of the Chinese people.

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