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Chinese American Film Festival opens in Alhambra

Alhambra will be the main location for this year’s Chinese American Film Festival, which opens Thursday and lasts until November 11. The Edwards Atlantic Palace 10, where 10 movies will be shown, is a favorite pick for festival organizers, who come back to Alhambra year after year.

Alhambra’s large Chinese-American population — the city is about 51 percent Asian — as well as a current lack of local Chinese film outlets, makes it an excellent location for the festival. “Maybe 10 years ago, there was a Chinese movie theater in the area that showed Chinese movies,” James Su, the festival chairman and president of EDI Media, explained. “But now none of them do. So we are the only event that can do the Chinese movie screenings on the big screen.”

The sixth annual Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF) opened in Los Angeles on Oct. 28, bringing together filmmakers from around the world to watch and discuss Asian film. It features 60 movies screening in theaters, universities and museums throughout California.

The festival is not just designed for Chinese and Asian immigrants, but for film lovers of all backgrounds. CAFF organizers aim to bridge Chinese and American cultures and bring awareness and understanding to film.

A Tibetan Love Song Highlights of Alhambra’s line up include the festival’s opening movie, “A Tibetan Love Song,” directed by Ping Jian and winner of the CAFF’s highest honor, the Golden Angel Award. It stars Wenpei Ju, winner of CAFF’s Best Actress of the Year in China, and Qixing Aisin-Gioro, winner of CAFF’s Outstanding New Coming Actress in China. The movie follows the romance between a Chinese student and a Tibetan slave girl, a love that faces 60 years of obstacles.

Other featured films are “Confucius,” a biopic of the Chinese philosopher starring Yun-Fat Chow; “Go La La Go!,” a romantic comedy about the misadventures of a young woman trying to make her way in the corporate world; and “The Star and the Sea,” the story of young composer Xian Xinghai and his mother’s financial struggle to support his dreams.

Tickets can be purchased at six different locations and are not available at the theater. For more information, show times and movie descriptions, visit the CAFF website at www.cafilmfestival.com, which has a full description of all the films, including cast and crew information in English.

2 thoughts on “Chinese American Film Festival opens in Alhambra”

  1. You read my mind.
    I drove past the theater with a friend and we both wondered about it.
    Now we know.

    Thanks for the informative article!

  2. The festival looks great. I checked with the contact number and was told that all the films have English sub-titles – also, patrons will be able to buy tickets “in front of the theater” immediately before a screening – but only for the film about to be shown, i.e., for advance tickets, patrons will need to buy at one of the six locations listed on the web page. Unfortunately, no location in Alhambra, and only one location’s address in English…

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