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Changes at Jay Dee's

After more than six years, cook Jose Jorge and kitchen manager Stephanie Wilkins will be leaving Jay Dee Cafe. The married couple announced on Facebook Wednesday that they have given their 30-day notice and will no longer be running the kitchen at the Alhambra bar and cafe.  

"After 6 1/2 years our run here is over," Jorge wrote on Facebook. "Thank you all for your continuing support. We will miss you very much."

After hearing that Jay Dee's kitchen was up for rent six years ago, Wilkins and Jorge started running the kitchen. Wilkins's grandfather first visited the bar in 1975, and almost 40 years later she sat down with Alhambra Source to talk about the history of the burger and beer establishment. 

"My wife got a job out of state," Jorge told Alhambra Source on Wednesday. "So it's time to move on."

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10 thoughts on “Changes at Jay Dee's”

  1. My wife and I went into Jaydees just once. It was for dinner after work. We assumed it was a restaurant/bar.
    We walked in and past the folks at the bar and sat down at a booth. No one acknowledged us or seemed the least bit interested in our business. After a few minutes we left.

  2. Hi. My name is penny and I am a waitress at jaydees. We have been running it since the old owners left. We have had many people rave about our food. The new cooks name is James dunn, get it jaydees lol. He has been a cook for many years now and strives to have great tasting food, that’s affordable and fast. Our hours are the same as before but we are now open every other Thursday night till 9. Come back and try the new food. Promise you will love it. Oh and try the home made clam chowder on fridays and Saturday.

  3. Jay Dee’s was never a “Cafe”. I grew up in the Alhambra area during the 70’s and 80’s. I can tell you for a fact that Jay Dee’s was bar, not a cafe. when did this Cafe nonsense start?

    1. Sorry you never came when the kitchen was open but it has always had a running kitchen since the 40’s. The bar has been owned and operated by the same family, as far as the kitchen its always bee separate from the bar and the food and menu have never been the same it a depends on the person running it.

  4. So do I still have 30 days to get a burger?

  5. Hi SinoSoul.

    It was pretty basic. Jaydee had a kitchen that no one used for many years. About 10 years ago I walked in at 6AM lured by the early hours and faded paint that proclaimed good food. Asked for a menu and they told me they could whip up some Folgers instant to go with brandy for breakfast.

    Jorge and Stephanie walked into that void and had a pretty nice little menu of lunch items in the bar at their own counter in the bar. The main bar was separate and had it’s own cash register and the food part was usually presented on a different bill.

    Based on what I’ve seen, customer volumes probably don’t support them both and it is time to close shop. There are very few good places to eat in the section of Main from Atlantic west to Palm although Chipotle always seems busy right outside of that window.

    The Jay Dee was, is and pretty much always will be a place for folks to go get a drink without too many pretentions despite them allowing Angels fans in the door. 🙂
    Maybe someone that has more limited aspirations and simpler menu can find some success selling food in that location.

  6. Sandra Sanchez

    Who will run the kitchen now, I loved the hamburger there. Im sad to see you go but wish you lots of success.

  7. Sandra Sanchez

    who will run the kitchen? I just loved the hamburgers there…..im sad to see them go. But wish them the best and happy travels!

  8. Congrats, and good luck to you both!

  9. So they were “renting” the kitchen and selling food TO the bar? And they didn’t own JD’s, and JD’s fam isn’t selling the bar, nor the kitchen? This is, way, WAY too confusing.

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