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Alhambra attracts middle-class African Americans

According to the 2000 census, 1.67% of the population in Alhambra are African Americans. The number is increasing, Sing Tao Daily reports. African American student John who attends Alhambra High School said that he moved to Alhambra from Pasadena four years ago for the high quality education here.

Summer workshop takes on Main Street

Last summer Alhambra Youth Feed members explored Main Street, investigating how it changed to the world mix it is today, and how residents use the street. They started with themselves.

Ensayan en el senado

Jovenes de la secundaria Alhambra High School participaron en programa educativo en la legislatura patrocinado por senador Gil Cedillo. Los estudiantes fueron ensayados en Sacramento por cuatro dias, disfrutando de la gran oportunidad.

Protesting education cuts

Dozens of Alhambra students and teachers joined thousands of protesters on Thursday afternoon in Pershing Square to decry state education cuts. Debby Apraku, who was one of 29 adult education teachers

Are more AUSD cuts to come?

The Alhambra Feed asks Superintendent Donna Pérez about the elimination of adult ESL, what other cuts are on the horizon, and how Alhambra residents can support their schools.