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Allied Waste to partner with city to control trash scavengers

The Pasadena Star-News is reporting that the city has signed an agreement with Allied Waste to patrol for trash scavengers. Ann-Marie Hayashi, assistant to the City Manager, told the Alhambra Source that the new program, which will begin in April 2011, will also work in conjunction with the local

California Highway Patrol conducts anti-distracted driving campaign

California Highway Patrol will be conducting an anti-distracted driving campaign from Oct. 5 to Oct. 26. Officers will write out tickets for drivers who demonstrate distracted driving behaviors including talking or texting on their cellphones, applying make-up, and eating or drinking while driving

Alhambra's Police Chief retires

Thursday is Alhambra Chief of Police Jim Hudson's final day of 34 years of police service. Farewell wishes for Hudson? Questions about what comes next for the Alhambra PD?

Police warn about frequent robbery and violent crimes

Five San Gabriel residents were the victim of crimes between the evening of last Friday and the morning of last Saturday. Police are encouraging the public to provide clues for these crimes and suggest victims not confront offenders to avoid getting hurt. 

Arraignment of Sept. 8 kidnapping incident postponed

Deqiang Song, charged with kidnapping for ransom and attempted murder of an Alhambra woman on Sept. 8, appeared briefly in Alhambra Superior Court with his new lawyer Darren Cornforth on Sept. 29. Due to the replacement of Song's lawyer, arraignment was postponed to Oct. 22.

Getting Alhambra's crime mapped

LA Times launched a site mapping crime patterns in LA -- but Alhambra is not included. They are encouraging residents to contact the Alhambra PD to provide an electronic data feed.

Hot, hot, hot!

The outcome from Monday's record high (though not all-time record in San Gabriel), included a power outage that shut businesses on Valley

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