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San Gabriel mayor claims incident was personal dispute

San Gabriel Mayor Albert Huang, charged with assault and robbery, told World Journal that the incident that got him arrested was entirely a personal dispute between him and his female friend. He claimed that the reason he took the her purse was that he needed to get the car key in it. Huang denied

Allied Waste to partner with city to control trash scavengers

The Pasadena Star-News is reporting that the city has signed an agreement with Allied Waste to patrol for trash scavengers. Ann-Marie Hayashi, assistant to the City Manager, told the Alhambra Source that the new program, which will begin in April 2011, will also work in conjunction with the local

California Highway Patrol conducts anti-distracted driving campaign

California Highway Patrol will be conducting an anti-distracted driving campaign from Oct. 5 to Oct. 26. Officers will write out tickets for drivers who demonstrate distracted driving behaviors including talking or texting on their cellphones, applying make-up, and eating or drinking while driving