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Theft suspects arrested in break in

Five theft suspects were arrested when they attempted to break in to a structure near 500 North Story Place in Alhambra on Oct. 25. All five suspects are African Americans and one of them is an Alhambra resident. 

Chinese victim attacked on street

A Chinese victim, Wang, was physically attacked by a group of youths at the intersection of Main Street and Raymond Avenue at around 11 p.m. on Oct. 24. Two police officers arrived and pulled Wang away, but, according to Wang, they told the perpetrators to leave after talking to them, the China

Deqiang Song appeared in court, arraignment postponed again

Deqiang Song, charged with kidnapping and attempted killing of a Chinese woman on Sept. 8, showed up in Alhambra Superior Court on Oct. 22. Song appeared relaxed and nodded to his four acquaintances in the audience. Because the prosecutor is still waiting for investigation result from the police,

Footsie trouble

Did former San Gabriel mayor restrict foot-massage licenses to profit girlfriend? World Journal says residents feel he did.

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