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Allied Waste to partner with city to control trash scavengers

The Pasadena Star-News is reporting that the city has signed an agreement with Allied Waste to patrol for trash scavengers. Ann-Marie Hayashi, assistant to the City Manager, told the Alhambra Source that the new program, which will begin in April 2011, will also work in conjunction with the local

County agency explains upcoming move to Alhambra

"City Manager Julio Fuentes said losing Edwards Cinemas will cost the city about $247,000 a year that the theater had paid in property taxes. But that funding would be offset by two new mixed-use developments being built in the city, officials said," the Pasadena Star-News reports. "

City of Alhambra launch multilingual news website

USC Annenberg School of Communication & Journalism announced the launch of a multilingual news website in Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra on Oct. 6. The website provides news content in English, Chinese and Spanish to serve Alhambra's ethnically diverse community. Project leaders hope to use

Alhambra launched multilingual news website

A multilingual website that uses Chinese, English and Spanish to report news stories in Alhambra officially launched on Oct. 6. Content of the website covers local schools, politics, arts food and more. The URL is www.alhambrasource.com

Alhambra's Police Chief retires

Thursday is Alhambra Chief of Police Jim Hudson's final day of 34 years of police service. Farewell wishes for Hudson? Questions about what comes next for the Alhambra PD?

USC initiative Alhambra Source provides content in Chinese

USC Annenberg collaborates with the city of Alhambra to create a multilingual news website, the Alhambra Source, to serve the city's ethnically diverse community. The website's homepage is in English, but users can have the content translated into Chinese or Spanish by clicking on the

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