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Elba Alonso de Ortega

I’m a lifelong resident of Alhambra and having a local newspaper, like Alhambra Source, is very important to me. It’s the only way to know the issues that will directly affect my day to day, where I live. That’s why I decided to support Alhambra Source with a monthly donation.

Efren Moreno, Former Alhambra Mayor

Thank you Alhambra Source for truly informing the residents of Alhambra.

Jeff Maloney, Alhambra City Council Member

The Source has become an important source for news, public interest, and serious journalism in our community. Keep it up!

Chris Olson

I support Alhambra Source as often as I can because I believe a free and independent press is vital to the democratic process. No other news outlet with high journalistic standards consistently covers the stories and issues that matter to our community.

Adele Andrade Stadler, Alhambra Mayor

The Source is a great independent newspaper that celebrates the communities and is not afraid to ask the tough questions!

Cliff Bender, Vice President, Alhambra Education Foundation

Alhambra Source is the ONLY independent news source covering the events, culture and government of our city. We need it to stay informed and aware!

Joyce & Oscar Amaro, Alhambra Preservation Group

We support Alhambra Source because this online news source is vitally important in engaging, informing and educating the residents of Alhambra.

Jose Aguayo

I support the Alhambra Source because journalism will always be part of that fourth branch of our democracy. The Alhambra Source provides me with news that helps me make informed decisions about issues that matter to me and my community. Thank you for the work you do.

Michael Lawrence, Alhambra Arts Commissioner

Keep bringing on the stories. The Source has given us so much and I am happy to donate to such an important part of our community.

Karsen Luthi

Thank you for creating Alhambra Source and providing timely reporting of important local news. Fight on!

Shirley Tatsuno

I support Alhambra Source for their detailed information about important Alhambra issues and compelling human-interest stories.

Tammie Leung

I support local news - it’s important to know what is happening in our communities.


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