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Care for the Children granted permission to paint Alhambra curb numbers

Care For The Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to "providing food, clothing and shelter to less fortunate families across the United States, as well as numerous Third World Countries" has received permission from the City of Alhambra to paint address numbers on curbs in residential neighborhoods and to solicit donations for the service. According to the organization's website, curb painting is part of their fundraising efforts and they usually donate 20% or more of proceeds to a local charity.


The Alhambra Police Department advices that is the decision of each resident contacted by Care For The Children whether or not they donate any money and what amount they choose to donate, if any. Care For The Children expects curb painting to begin on or around March 1, 2012 and that it will take two months to cover the city.


If you have any questions, you may contact Robert Henderson, Executive Director of Care For the Children at (562) 980-6395 or Chris Paulson, Adminstrative Assistant, City of Alhambra, (626) 570-5011.

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2 thoughts on “Care for the Children granted permission to paint Alhambra curb numbers”

  1. This group is only spending 20% of earnings on its charitable purpose? Where does the other 80% go? Charitynavigator.org rates charities and gives charities that spend 60% of their earnings on charitable purposes a grade of “C” and Care for the Children is only spending 20% … something just doesn’t seem right here!

  2. I didn’t want my curb painted, but responded too late.
    Since the painting I feel like I have been harrassed to pay.
    A man has come to my door three times in the last week to solicit for money. Please stop. It’s getting scary and I don’t want to have to call the police for it to stop.

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