Burlington Coat Factory coming to Alhambra Place

Burlington Coat Factory, a discount retailer, will open a store at the new Alhambra Place on Main St. in Fall 2015. The company said in a press release that the store will be approximately 46,000 square feet, and will bring in 50 to 100 new jobs to the city. 
Burlington added that the store will feature “ladies’ apparel, accessories, menswear,” a “ broad assortment of furniture and accessories,” and coats that are “up to 65 percent off department store prices.”
The retailer will join other previously confirmed stores including Sprouts Farmers Market, The Habit Burger Grill, Cha for Tea, Blaze Pizza, and others at the Alhambra Place, which is still under construction. The retail section of the development is slated to open later this summer, while construction of the residential section began this spring.

10 thoughts on “Burlington Coat Factory coming to Alhambra Place”

  1. According to Sprouts website – Alhambra is NOT on the list of “Stores Coming Soon”. We need clarification.


    I wonder if they were EVER intending on coming here or was this some kind of ploy by somebody.

    This property at Main and Garfield was seen by many of us as the most important development ever for Alhambra. It’s starting to look like a big fail to me before its even completed.

    Edit: Here is a press release from April for store openings summer/fall 2015. Alhambra not on list……yet???


    Edit2: “There are rumors that Sprouts Farmers Market will open shop, but Yamauchi said nothing has been confirmed.”


    My Conclusion: Sprouts was never officially confirmed to be coming here. It was only used on the property developers pamphlet drawings. Seems rather sneaky to me.

  2. I’m not sure if this article has been edited from when I first read it, but it now says “The retailer will join other previously confirmed stores including Sprouts Farmers Market…”, so it seems our beloved Sprouts may still be coming after all!

    1. That article attributes to a brochure from the developer. I and many others read that as fact. In hindsight, they should have contacted Sprouts to confirm or comment. Until there is a confirmation from Sprouts, I think it would be wise to assume that Sprouts at that location isn’t happening.

  3. The original layout was for both a big box retailer and Sprouts:

    I don’t know if that’s still the plan, but hopefully we’ll still keep the grocery store.

    I agree that Burlington wasn’t my top choice (I was hoping for a Daiso or something that would be great for the teens in the area) but at least it doesn’t look like it’s going to be the entire building.

    1. It seems obvious everyone was expecting Sprouts, which would be the perfect addition to a revitalized Alhambra Downtown. I can only see Burlington Coat Factory hurting that goal. There’s already one in Arcadia, and it feels like a black hole sucking the life out of that shopping center.

      We currently drive to Pasadena and Monrovia to shop at Sprouts, and would love to be able to walk to one locally!

  4. We need a grocery store! we have nowhere to go grocery shopping. I now have to drive to south Pasadena to go grocery shopping. I wish the city would have not allowed another asian market to move in. I think we have enough asian markets already. What happened to sprouts?

  5. Is this some kind of a joke? Are we living in the 1980s? I was fully expecting a huge Sprouts. Any details on Sprouts? Is it still coming and how big?

    I have nothing against Burlington, but thats NOT what anybody wanted here.

    46000 ft is really big for basically another Mervyns. We all know how that worked out.

    I am very disappointed, but willing to wait and see where this store will be placed and how it affects Sprouts.

  6. The worst thing about this means that Sprouts will not be going in. Burlington Coat Factory is taking the old Mervyn’s space. So where would Sprouts go? This area needs a grocery store BAD!! Not just another asian market. Since Ralphs closed, the Smart and Final is jam packed. It is so bad they even added another check stand on wheels!

  7. Yeah, I agree with you Janet. A discount retailer next to luxury condos? Wrong fit. But in the end, we all know things change. Right now, if this was the only retailer willing to move in, let them. Tenants come and go…

  8. I was really excited about all of the shops coming in until now. Really? Burlington? That Ross is disgusting already. We don’t need another discount retail store. Thanks for bringing down the quality of that space Alhambra.

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