Building that replaced Edwards Theater in Alhambra getting ready for more than 500 workers

Signs for the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission's new office can now been seen at the former Edwards Atlantic Palace site on the corner of Main Street and Atlantic Boulevard. But employees will not move in until late November, officials say.

Approximately 260 employees will begin working at the Alhambra office on November 26, according to CDC executive director Sean Rogan. A second wave of roughly 250 employees will move in one month later, on December 24.

The office's 700 W. Main St. location was formerly the site of the Alhambra Theater, one of Los Angeles' most historic movie theaters. The Edwards Atlantic Palace multiplex was built in its place after the original theater was destroyed in the 1987 Whittier earthquake. The multiplex was demolished last July after the county purchased the property.

2 thoughts on “Building that replaced Edwards Theater in Alhambra getting ready for more than 500 workers”

  1. The County building, in my opinion, is very attractive. It is not overbearing and has a sense of light and space. They also did a great job with the landscaping.

    It will be interesting to see the new condos/retail at the old library site. So far it looks overbearing and very dense. Won’t make final judgement until it’s completed, though.

  2. Thanks for the update Chrystal.

    This is great news for the downtown Main St. area. The day and night time use of the Main St. corridor is getting more effective as local businesses will be able to capture the lunch-time crowds during the week and the night-time crowds during the evenings (especially on the weekends). With more housing on Main St. coming into completion, a larger residential base in this area will provide the anchor customer base for current and new businesses during all business hours.

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