British-Indian fish and chips and heavy metal burgers coming to Alhambra

L.A.'s first British-Indian fish-and-chips shop is opening its doors in Alhambra, Eater LA reports. Hot Red Bus will serve wraps, samosas, and, of course, fish and chips. Instead of the traditional aioli that accompanies British fish and chips, diners at Hot Red Bus will dip their fish in an Indian inspired curry. You can ride the Red Hot Bus starting September 15 at 31 E. Main Street.

Also setting up shop in Alhambra is the Grill 'Em All Truck, winner of the 2012 installment of The Great Food Truck Race, according to Eater LA. Chef Ryan Harkins and former professional wrestler Matthew Chernus wanted to forge their Midwestern culinary roots with heavy metal cult culture. They began to serve burgers and fries out of food trucks decked out in heavy metal insignia, the "rock on" hand symbol plastered on the front. Now they're bringing their music and food to Alhambra and will start flipping their burgers in the fall. They announced on their Facebook page: "Grill Em All Alhambra coming Fall 2012! Details will follow! Hell yes!"

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  1. This is AWESOME news. Can’t wait to see what they do with a full establishment. And my Indian roots are going to love having some more Indian food sources in addition to Nizam and the Indian grocery on Main Street.

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