Breadcrumbs and geese, a simple solution to good health

This week the Alhambra Source introduces a new feature: [email protected] These are portraits of the City of Alhambra and the people who go about their lives here.

Emma Birur, an intern at Alhambra Source, happened to be at Almansor Park when she stumbled upon hungry geese.

The photo: An Alhambra resident told Emma that she has been coming to feed the geese for years since she believes it's good for her health. “I come out here daily. Rain or shine,” she said.  She also noted that someone has to feed and protect these birds since people in the past have hurt them.

The photographer: Emma is a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz. She also served as a criminal defense investigator for the Santa Cruz County Public Defender's Office.

Emma B. was using an Olympus SP-500UZ when she found herself at Almansor Park.

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