Biggest boba ever?

Attention boba lovers! The organizers of the 626 Night Market kicked off last week a fundraising campaign to create the "World's Largest Cup of Boba Tea." If the team raises $9,000 by July 24, it will will unveil a 6-foot cup of boba — 320 gallons of tea or about 2,500 regular 16-oz. boba drinks — at the Aug. 3 Night Market.

Boba tea has become a staple drink in the San Gabriel Valley, but organizers of the 626 Night Market say the giant drink will bring boba lovers together from around the world. "This project will allow boba fans to come together as a community, contribute to a piece of history, and make a lasting impression for boba on a global scale," the 626 Night Market team wrote Wednesday in a statement.

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