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Big Bang Theory winks at Alhambra

Alhambra may not be known for its glitz and glamour, but it has popped up on the small screen recently. 

The city was referenced on the May 2 episode of CBS’s hit sitcom The Big Bang TheoryWhen nerdy characters Leonard and Sheldon meet their childhood idol and former science show host Professor Proton, they learn about his struggles after his show was cancelled and Proton asks Leonard if he would like to fill in for him at a child's birthday party:

Sheldon: “Oh my, what an honor! This is like being asked to sit in Mount Olympus and dine with the gods.”

Proton: “Or a Korean family in Alhambra.”

Alhambra is mentioned starting at 1:37:

The popular comedy also made another reference to Alhambra back in 2010.

Almansor Court was recently used as a wedding venue on Mary Mary, a reality series on WE tv. Check out the video on Almansor Court’s website.

Have you seen any other references to Alhambra on TV? What do you think about the way the city is portrayed?

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2 thoughts on “Big Bang Theory winks at Alhambra”

  1. Very much Bob Newhart style. From the clip, Prof. Proton’s reference to the Korean family is the next gig he’s lined up after his gig with Sheldon. You have to watch the clip.

    I think the dialog is “ascend Mt. Olympus and dine with the gods.”

    The reference is interesting in that I have been noticing more Korean establishments around SGV lately. At first I thought the writers haven taken notice too, but on second thought it’s probably coincidental.

  2. I must admit I have no clue what the guy is talking about. Why is it funny again?

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