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Best burger in Alhambra: the slightly suspicious results

Either our readers are very passionate about their burgers, or some devoted fans decided to take the results into their own hands. With a grand total of 1,433 votes on where to find the best burger in Alhambra, we've narrowed down the contest to a few front-runners: Pharo's led the poll with a whopping 650 votes, while Jay-Dee Cafe came in a close second with 587 votes. 38 Degrees also had an impressive showing with 125 votes.

We're just a little suspicious about these results...

The Source staff has reached the conclusion that only an old-fashioned burger cook-off could settle the dispute. Jay-Dee manager Stephanie Wilkins is game: "I'm willing to put my burger up to the test." 

We added the best burger candidates to our map of Alhambra's food secrets as chosen by readers in a previous survey. Click on the icons to see more info about the restaurants. Details for the great Alhambra burger cook-off to come! 

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7 thoughts on “Best burger in Alhambra: the slightly suspicious results”

  1. Hm… I think this was fixed. How many free burgers did the Alhambra Source get?

  2. I visited Jay-Dee several months ago with a friend to have a few beers. Like Mike posted, we did not feel very comfortable or welcome. We did not eat anything so I cannot comment on the food. But one thing I did find that was upsetting, in the restroom there was no rolls of paper towels to dry your hands, nor was there a hot air blower. I suppose Jay-Dee felt that a single cloth hand towel was sufficient for all to use, as there was only one cloth towel. I dried my hands on my pants instead. In my opinion Jay-Dee is more of a local bar where locals only are welcome, rather than a cafe as stated in the article.

  3. Jay Dee’s Burger is good… but I don’t like it there anymore.

  4. My wife and I went to Jay Dees after work one day to try the food. You know how in old horror movies when strangers come to the creepy small town and the locals look at them sideways, close their shutters and over all aren’t very welcoming? We walked out.

  5. Why do you find suspicious if you’ve never tried it. Jay Dee burgers have been well known for for 68 years. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

    1. We're not knocking the burgers! On the contrary, I'm dying to try one now after all the hype.. The only thing we meant by “suspicious” was the unusually high number of votes we received on the poll for certain candidates, and all within a short amount of time. Next time it'll have to be a poll that doesn't allow people to vote more than once.

  6. I’ve had many burgers from around the area and I have to say that the Jay Dee Cafe burger is probably one of the best.

    I also represent a food blog in town called LatinoFoodie. We’d love to be a judge.

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