Best boba (and burgers) in town?

The Source staff would like to know: where can you get the best boba milk tea in Alhambra? The Taiwanese milk tea with chewy, artificial-looking tapioca balls is a local SGV favorite even earning a shout out in the viral internet video "626," a musical ode to local food and drink favorites. (Though some, including our own staff members are not fans of that rubbery texture).

We asked for your feedback on where to find the best burgers in Alhambra and now we'd like for you to point us to your favorite spots to find the drinks filled with pearls. Is it Ozero on Valley? Ginkgo House on Main Street? Or it's maybe a smaller place that we've never even heard of. Take our poll and let us know! 

Where can you get the best boba in Alhambra?

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