Bagpipes come to Alhambra's Main Street

When I heard that the Downtown Alhambra Business Association was organizing a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl led by a bagpipe player, it just sounded too fun not to join. Armed with my camera and low alcohol tolerance, I followed my fellow Alhambra residents down Main Street for a shamrock celebration.

6:46 p.m. – Pub crawlers decked in green are waiting at the Renaissance Theater for the walk to begin. The bagpipe player is already playing tunes for dancing babies, which makes me think that kids are starting to party way too young these days. There are about 25 people, more than I’d expected. Joanna Vargas, the president of the Downtown Alhambra Business Association, is organizing the walk with her dancer’s energy and passes out beaded necklaces and clover buttons while we wait.

6:52 – We’re off! We follow the bagpipe player, who leads us across the intersection and over to 38 Degrees.

6:57 – Diners in 38 Degrees are confused when the bagpipe player storms into the sports bar with a big crowd not too far behind. I would imagine that bagpipes and the UCLA basketball game don’t go well together. But others ask what we’re doing and decide to join!

7:06 – We’re told we’ll be here for 30 minutes. I better get to my first drink!

7:15 – Oh boy. I should have eaten lunch, this drink is already hitting me!

7:21 – On to the next stop: Havana House. It’s not as crowded as 38 Degrees. We’re disappointed we can’t find green beer. My friend orders a Guinness (“Guinness is Irish, right?”) but I think I’m going to take a drink break. We’re all getting friendlier now, introducing ourselves and dancing in a group.

7:38 – People are starting to lean on one another. There’s a shamrock on the ground, and one tipsy lady tapped on my shoulder, pointed to the ground, laughed and walked away. Okay.

7:56 – We’re off! Azul next!

8:00 – No one was in Azul, so we took the party around the corner to Shakas! My buzz is starting to wear off. What kind of spirit is that? The bagpipe player drops us off and continues to play up and down Main Street. Now that’s spirit.

8:13 – Newcastle. A toast to St. Patrick!

8:28 – On to the next place! Drubk' too much veer! Trying to get other people to join us!

8:32 – Dancing on the La Frontera roof, our last stop.

8:41 – The bagpipe player is playing the Mexican hat dance. I’m confused.

9:00 – People are writing on people’s shirts…things are getting weird.

9:04 – Joanna’s making the rounds and dancing with the crowd, which is now double the size it was at the Renaissance. She just made my friend “get low and pop it!”

9:17 – Teach me how to dougie, teach me teach me how to dougie! No really, teach me. I don’t know how.

9:25 – Someone put his hand up so I gave him a high five. Turns out his friend behind me was passing him a drink. Oops!

10:28 – Ending the night early at In-n-Out but my Alhambra friends are still dancing the night away! I had a great time! 

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