Auto thieves caught in Alhambra

A man and a woman were arrested and charged with stealing a 1991 Camry in Alhambra on Wednesday morning, the China Press (侨报) reports. When fleeing, the suspects blew out the right front tire and attempted to break into a residence. More than 10 police vehicles surrounded the two Hispanic suspects on 9th Street, close to West Ramona Street.

The pair fled and struggled to cut open the screen window of a house. When a woman screamed, they changed paths. The man was immediately caught after climbing over the wall into the backyard, while the woman ran toward the 10 Freeway. Police cars blocked the area and finally caught her with the help of police dogs and helicopters. Both suspects were arrested and interrogated by the Alhambra Police Department.

Around 10:30 am, a Chinese lady arrived at the scene and told the China Press, “This car is my brother’s. It was stolen in front of his house on the 7th Street."

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