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Sarah Grear


Sarah Grear helms Creative Custom Writing, Inc. based in the San Gabriel Valley. Her work can be found in online and print publications such as: The Los Angeles Fashion, Alhambra Source, and Trazzler. A freelance artist, dancer and writer is the short version of how she fills her time. Living on the outskirts of Los Angeles, she adores the Hispanic and Asian-influenced neighborhood. To learn more please visit www.sarahgrear.com.


Stilettos take Main Street

Why would confident, professional women — many of whom self identify as "Power Babes" — choose to parade around in heels on their Friday night and be judged?

Business | Culture

San Gabriel Valley's "Power Babes"

In unexpected locations — including an auto repair shop, youth center, bar and lingerie store — nearly 100 professional women with diverse backgrounds have joined forces to form the Power Babes.

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