Phoenix Tso


Phoenix is the editor of the Alhambra Source. She grew up in the Boston area and lived in China and France before jumping from a Chinese textbook publishing job to New York media, and finally to USC in 2014 to get a Masters in Journalism. She's written about pretty much everything for Reuters, GQ, Vice, the Global Post and other publications. You can usually find her at the In-N-Out on Atlantic.

Tree Indexing with Climate Resolve and AMIGOS

Volunteers will collect data on tree canopy and take inventory of tree species at the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area. Currently, we don’t have specific data on trees in the area. By having this data available, we can help with future…


Judy Chu’s Best of 27 Photo Contest

Dear Friend, It’s back! I’m once again excited to host my annual #BestOf27 Photo Contest. I want to see what you love about our district, with the winning picture to be hung in my office and become my new Facebook…