Mingshi Di

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Las Vegas casinos held VIP banquet in San Gabriel

As the end of the lunar year approaches, Las Vegas casinos recently held a luxurious VIP banquet in San Gabriel with up to $5000 worth of promotional chips as raffle prizes. The casino's vice president of marketing, Wu, told the World Journal that there has been an increasing number of VIP


Chinese New Year's festival in Monterey Park

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, World Journal held a two-day carnival in Monterey Park that attracted crowds over the weekend. At the event people watched traditional Chinese lion dance and kong fu performances, learned about and tasted a variety of Chinese cuisine and participated in a


Chinese female robbed at bus stop in Alhambra

A 60-year-old Chinese female told the World Journal she was robbed at a bus stop on the corner of Main St. and Garfield Ave. at about 9pm last Saturday. The woman said she was waiting for a bus when someone snatched her purse from behind. Ironically, the female victim told the World Journal that


Fatal car crash in San Gabriel left one dead and seven wounded

A small truck crashed into a Chinese tourist bus that was parked near San Gabriel Blvd. and Valley Blvd. in the morning of Jan. 21. The accident caused eight injuries including the death of a passenger on the truck. The tourist bus was loaded with 25 passengers at the time and several were lightly


Shoppers complain prices rise for Chinese New Years goods

As the Chinese New Year approaches, many shoppers complain about the price rise of New Year goods that results from inflation in the Asian market and the depreciation of American dollar. Hawaii Supermarket's manager Lin told the World Journal that the price rise is moderate compared to what

City Government

Philip Hu to enter the San Gabriel City Council race

San Gabriel school board member Philip Hu announced on Jan. 14 that he would be running for office in the upcoming San Gabriel city council election. Hu is the second Chinese American to enter the race. A San Gabriel resident for four years, Hu became a member of the San Gabriel school board in Sep