Mingshi Di

USC Contributor


Cheap China tours subsidized by Chinese Government

Many Southern California travel agencies now offer week-long China travel packages that cost only $49 and $99 per person. These tours are subsidized by the Chinese government in an attempt to encourage oversea Chinese to visit China, according Yuan Zhiwei, a travel agency professional. Chinese who


China Press: News made in Alhambra

The editor of China Press tells why the national newspaper chose Alhambra as its U.S. headquarters, the connection with Beijing, and serving as a platform for recent immigrants.


Credit card swapping scam detected in Alhambra 99 Cent store

An Armenian crime gang was found guilty in replacing credit card machines in multiple 99 Cent Only stores across Southern California, including one on Huntington Drive in Alhambra. The scheme included using the scanners to obtain credit card information. Manager of the Alhambra store, Betha Sanchez


FBI looking for Chinese-English bilingual linguists

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will hold a job fair in Los Angeles on May 7 this year to recruit for various positions including Chinese-English linguists. The FBI now has 1500 linguists across the country, 150 of whom are based in California, the World Journal reports. All contracted


Fire burns Alhambra residence, no casualty involved

A 60-year-old house at the intersection of Fremont Ave. and Ross Ave., Alhambra, caught fire at about 8:00 am on Jan 31. Nine fire trucks from the Alhambra and South Pasadena Fire Departments responded to the incident. Four residents were able to escape from the fire but the fire department