Mingshi Di

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Suspect involved in Monterey Park shooting identified by police

Authorities identified the suspect who was killed in the Apr. 24 shootout with police in Monterey Park. Sixtythree-year-old Edgar Battad stabbed a victim after a hit-and-run crash and initiated a shootout with the police, injuring one police officer Gilbert Alvarez and two bystanders. Chinese


Reports of gasoline theft increase with soaring oil price

As the price of oil surges, gas tanks of parked cars have become targets of gasoline theft, the World Journal reports. "Out of gas" help calls have increased 13% for AAA. According to a sales assistant at O'Reilly Auto Parts in Alhambra, gas tank cap locks are a very popular item this


Police warns about late night robbery

There have been at least 15 similar street robberies in San Gabriel Valley cities including Alhambra, Rosemead and Monterey Park since mid-March, according to Joseph Payne, a police officer in South Pasadena. Most of the victims are women. According to witnesses, the robber is a six feet Caucasian