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Ask a Cop: 鄰居發出噪音,我應該怎麼做? What to do about noisy neighbors?

The Alhambra Source asks your questions to the Alhambra Police Department's Sergeant Brandon Black.  This week, our first question asked in Chinese is about what to do when your neighbors make too much noise. The response in English follows the Chinese.

Q: People in my neighborhood always make loud noises that disturb people's sleep after midnight. Is their any law that prohibits them from doing so? How do we notify the police?


A: It is against the law to disturb the peace of another. If someone is making loud noises, especially late at night, you can call the police and we will respond to investigate the source of the disturbance and take the necessary enforcement action. If you call anonymously, the most we can do if we discover the source of the noise, is tell the noisemaker to stop making noise. They may or may not comply. If the don’t, you can call again and we will, again, respond. If the noise is such that it disturbs the peace of another, you can even make a “citizen’s arrest” for this violation. Many times, talking reasonably with the person or person’s causing the noise is the most effective way of solving the problem. If this does not work or is not an option, you can call the police and report the disturbance and we will do our part. Keep in mind that when you get the police involved, most people will comply, but may resent the police involvement and affect your relationship with your noisy neighbor. These types of disturbances are generally caused by a lack of respect for neighbors. It is important to be courteous and not turn these types of situations into personal grudge matches. If the disturbance is a rare occurrence, it may be best to simply let it go. If it is an on-going problem, get the police involved.


Have a question for Sergeant Black? Send it to info@alhambrasource.org.

阿罕布拉新聞把您的問題轉達給阿罕布拉警局的布蘭登布萊克警官(Sergeant Brandon Black)替您尋找答案。您有想問的問題嗎?把它發送到info@alhambrasource.org

Alhambra Source le hace las preguntas de los lectores al Sargento Brandon Black del Departamento de Policia de Alhambra. Que pregunta le haria usted? Mandenos sus pregunatas a: info@alhambrasource.org

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