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'Asians eat weird things' rap The Fung Brothers

San Gabriel Valley YouTube sensations The Fung Brothers hit Ranch 99 Market in their newest video, "Asians Eat Weird Things." Along with internet musician AJ Rafael, the duo rap about chowing down exotic Asian cuisine like chicken feet, tripe, pig intestines, duck embryo, and century egg.

"Talking about food, me and my friends eat weird things unlike you," Rafael sings in the chorus. "Part of my culture, it's just how we do. I know that it sounds crazy, but it's ok I'm Asian."

Whether the video makes you hungry or makes you lose your appetite, it's struck a chord — it's been viewed 292,728 times and many have left comments of laughter and pride in their "weird" Asian food. "Cool!," wrote Sharlona Dewyze. "It makes me proud to be Asian."

"Proud that I was born Asian but the egg with baby chicken inside is still creepy for me," Jane Janejira said.

"I really want balut now," Irina Flore said.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Do you eat weird things?

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1 thought on “'Asians eat weird things' rap The Fung Brothers”

  1. Pretty hilarious this “Asians east weird things” series! Following them from now on. As for the Durian, it only took me a week to get used to the smell.. once you get passed that, the fruit starts to taste extremely delicious! Best regards, T. Chanming.

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