"Asian Wall Street" on Alhambra's Valley Boulevard

Alhambra is no longer simply the "Gateway to the San Gabriel Valley." It's got a new nickname, according to World Journal: the “Asian Wall Street.” With more than 30 banks, the Valley Boulevard Corridor has become national hub for several U.S. headquarters and branches of major Asian-owned banks, such as East Asian bank, China based Citic Bank International, Hong Kong based Bank of East Asia and Taiwan based Bank of Sinopac. There are also various US major banks, including Bank of America, Chase, Citi and Bank of the West along the boulevard.

A banker who refused to give his name told the Journal that many small banks on Valley target the Asian neighborhood in the area with the intention of selling to larger banks in five to 10 years. The Journal credits Alhambra Councilman Stephen Sham with coining the name Asian Wall Street.

Alhambra's banks:  Click on the pin for the name of the bank.

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