Asian insect threatens SGV citrus trees

Small insects, known as the Asian citrus psyllid, are threatening to devastate the San Gabriel Valley's citrus trees. The California Department of Food and Agriculture has issued a quarantine in the regions affected by the psyllid, which span a huge part of Southern California, and now include the Hacienda Heights and West Covina areas. The psyllids are comparable in size to aphids, and feed on the leaves and stems of citrus, as well as plants closely related to citrus. They are carriers of the deadly plant disease Huanglongbing, which kills citrus trees. 

Alhambra City Councilman Gary Yamauchi urged residents to be on the lookout for the small insects, and to alert their neighbors to the psyllid's presence. He said the insects have already damanged much of the San Gabriel Valley's citrus. More information on the Asian citrus psyllid and what you can do to prevent its spread can be found at

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