Are the trees cleared?

Over the last week, more than a dozen people reported downed trees to Alhambra Source. We put some of them together into this map. Now we need your help to find out if they have been cleared or not. Addresses are below. If the downed tree is no longer a problem, let us know by submitting your report or just e-mail us and we'll change it on the map. (And if you know of a tree to add, send us that report as well). 

  • 1701 S Azalea Dr
  • 3146 Midvale Place
  • 716 S. Winchester Ave,
  • 1801 S. Stoneman Ave.
  • Vega/Glendon Way
  • Vega/Valley Blvd.
  • 1388/1400 Siwanoy Drive
  • North Monterey and East McLean

Or send an e-mail to

Downed trees during business hours please call 626-570-5067. After hours the non-emergency dispatch number is 626-570-515.

(Yes, we know it would be better if the Christmas tree icons were on their side and broken, but these were the only icons we had to work with — tech geniuses out there, help us out!)

2 thoughts on “Are the trees cleared?”

  1. Hi Chris, we're not with the city — just tracking downed trees. (I should have made that clearer in the post.) The city recommends you contact: –

    Downed trees during business hours they should call 626-570-5067. After hours the non-emergency dispatch number 626-570-5151

  2. Good afternoon,

    WE have a tree adjacent to our used car lot on Beacon that has split and is close to falling onto our used vhicel inventory. Please contact me at 626-289-3591 to advise when it will be removed.


    Chris Greco

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