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Arc de Alhambra takes a beating


Valley Boulevard and Fremont Avenue
Alhambra , CA United States

Alhambra’s new Arc de Triomphe-inspired statue on Valley and Fremont is getting a virtual beating on the blog Curbed. And an image the Alhambra Source posted has been photoshopped to demonstrate some snarky alternative uses for the two-month old gateway, say..a horseshoe or water wings. The online hating about Alhambra’s newest interpretation of the gateway arch (and the city government, and Asian immigrants, and suburbia), has prompted responses from individuals like @jackstraw: “Yeah, I live there. Wanna fight?”

1 thought on “Arc de Alhambra takes a beating”

  1. The arch was a waste of money. What the hell were they thinking? They could have done so much better with that space of land, too.

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