Apprentice: My Tattoo style

Alhambra's My Tattoo just off of Valley Boulevard has an extensive internship that includes "long hours, no pay and sometimes no sleep," according to an article in KROQ FM. A reporter paid a visit to the Jess Yen's shop off of Valley Boulevard in preparation for the Ink n Iron Festival in Long Beach this weekend.

Apprenticeship under Yen is described as tough, strict and through with long hours, no pay and sometimes no sleep. “You make a mistake you get yelled at…People come in and quit on their first day,” says [apprentice Kohei Toyama] who estimates close to 60 attempted apprentices with only four current “family members,” which include Man Yao, Lucy Hu, Andy Tran, and Kohei Toyama. Upon completing their apprenticeship the artist receives a tattoo of the family logo to show that they’ve become family, and when the time comes Yen will pass down his name to one of his apprentices as Hori Yen the 2nd.

Alhambra Source profiled Yen two years ago, and the grueling apprencticeship process.

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