Swim Workout Series–Occidental College–Month of May

SCAQ at OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE: Southern California Aquatics is offering swim workouts at the Occidental College pool, 1600 Campus Rd. For the month of May, workouts will run from 6 to 7 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Clay Evans, Olympian and…

Welcome Mazatlan Community Ambassador Oscar Alfedo Garcial Santander

The Academy of Special Dreams is honored to welcome Oscar Alfredo Garcia Santander as our Community Ambassador of Mazatlan, Mexico. Oscar Alfredo’s mission is to support to increase public awareness, recognition and appreciation of the creative talents of our community…


MoneySmart for Small Business Workshop參加『小企業聰明理財』課程,實現你的創業美夢!

An introductory 2-day business course designed for newer business owners, self-employed individuals, and aspiring entrepreneurs 參加『小企業聰明理財』課程,實現你的創業美夢! To register, please contact: Kerry Situ (213) 808-1754 在美國創業是不少華人的夢想,華埠服務中心小型商業計劃自1999年成立以來,在協助社區民眾創業與擴大經營的過程中發現,企業家最大成功因素莫過於個人做事幹勁足,膽大心細,對事物的看法有獨特見解並持開放態度。聰明的企業家均深知不斷學習及自我增值的重要性。 踏出你的第一步!參加華埠服務中心快將推出的『小企業聰明理財』國語課程。為期兩個週六共12小時的精簡課程,為希望創業的朋友提供探索創業可能性的機會並助其打好基礎,同時也為創業不久的企業家提供充電機會。 該課程著重於協助參加者在短時間內熟悉創業及企業管理不可缺少的元素,內容包括:
創業計劃 | 各種商業形態 | 時間和財務管理 | 記錄保存 | 風險管理 |小企業銀行服務 | 商業稅務及規劃…


“Kiss Me Kate” Opens at Alhambra High School April 6

“Kiss Me Kate,” the show-within-a-show musical based on Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew,” will be presented by Alhambra High School the first two weeks in April. Winner of the Tony for Best Musical in 1947, this production will feature music…