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UCLA 招募志願者參與一個關於預防中風的研究小組! 參與者可收到總共價值$75 的現金和 Fitbit 計步機一個。Get $75 CASH & Fitbit @ UCLA Stroke Prevention Research Study


Chinatown Service Center

767 N. Hill Street, Suite 400
Los Angeles , CA 90012 United States


棣屬加州大學洛杉磯分校(UCLA)的洛杉磯社區人口老化研究中心 (L.A. C.A.P.R.A)現正招募志願者參與一個關於預防中風的研究小組 (注重於步行)。這個研究將會在這中心持續數星期。 小組將會每星期兩次在中心維持一個小時的教學。由專業導師教導,課程將連續四個星期。研究是由加州大學洛杉磯分校(UCLA)主導 。有興趣參加者,請致電: 1-626-293-8733


1. 六十歲或以上

2. 華人

3. 可以自行溝通

4. 可以坐在椅子上和參與一個小時的教學(每星期兩次,持續四星期)

5. 可以步行 (允許用拐杖和步行輔佐儀器)

6. 可以參加三次資料搜集和每星期的教學

7. 願意簽同意書參與

參與者可收到總共價值$75的現金和一個 Fitbit 計步機。


UCLA is recruiting participants for an exciting Stroke Prevention Research Study – You will receive a total of $75 in Cash and a Fitbit for your participation!  

The L.A. Community Academic Partnership for Research in Aging (L.A. CAPRA) Center at UCLA is recruiting participants for an exciting stroke prevention research study (focus on walking) to be held at the Chinatown Service Center in the next few weeks. The class will meet twice a week for an hour for 4 weeks taught by a trained facilitator. This is a UCLA Research Study. 
To participate you must have been told by your health provider you have high blood pressure and be:
1. 60+ years old
2. Chinese-American
3. Able to speak
4. Able to sit in a chair and participate in a 1-hour discussion session (twice a week, for 4 weeks)
5. Able to walk (OK to use canes and walkers)
6. Able to attend the 3 data collection sessions and weekly discussion sessions
7. Able to consent to participate
You will receive a total of $75 in cash and a Fitbit for your participation. If you are interested in possibly participating, please contact us at 1-626-293-8733. 

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