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The Fit Factor Celebrates the Grand Opening of their New Facilities


The Fit Factor

38 West Main Street
Alhambra , CA 91801 United States

This article first appeared in Downtown Alhambra Blog

Do YOU want the Factor? Come celebrate the launch of the brand new Fit Factor studio in Alhambra with a Grand Opening Fitness Day that provides complimentary classes for fitness lovers this Saturday, November 24th from 8 am – 3 pm. Checking out the schedule, and signing up for classes is quick and easy on the website: http://www.thefitfactorstudio.com/. Regular scheduled classes will be open to the public, and will commence on November 26th.

Each hour they will be offering 50-minute kick-your-butt sessions from their trained and professional instructors. The high-intensity signature classes focus on strength training, flexibility, and cardio geared towards fitness and weight loss.

Their space is designed to have you literally hit the ground running, since there will be a row of treadmills to kick start the class. This will quickly be followed by any combination of cardio and strength exercises- lifting dumbbells, squats, arms, pilates barre work- just to name a few. With a disco ball as the centerpiece of the room- and eclectic music selections from Frank Sinatra to Lincoln Park and Guns N Roses to Rihanna- if you’re not breaking a sweat then you’re not having a good time.

The Fit Factor covers all your physical fitness needs in one place and one class. They have streamlined every aspect, because time is precious to all of us. Alongside offering their high intensity interval classes they will also provide a signature pilates barre class called “No Holds Barre.”

These sessions will provide a total body workout fusing elements of ballet, pilates, and weights in an intense 50-minute session. The workout uses the resistance of your own bodyweight to leave you feeling tone and supple while strengthening your muscles. Registering and signing up for The Fit Factor’s signature classes can be done on the online reservation website.

As an action-packed community- The Fit Factor- was built when creator Joanna Vargas saw the need for an all in one workout that could fit her busy lifestyle. She found good classes, but nothing that she absolutely loved. That’s when she knew there was something missing from the Alhambra community.She was looking for a class that was fun, community-based, with quick and easy online enrollment, and most importantly the workout had to kick her butt. That’s when she created The Fit Factor formula and decided to build a studio centered on getting your body results while smothering you in sweat, beat rockin’ music, and love.

Joanna has successfully owned 3 businesses in Alhambra for the past 10 years, and she is ready to fill another much-needed niche in the community. As fitness becomes life and your body becomes more tone and supple you’ll be left addicted and wanting more.

"Being The Fit Factor empowers you to be excited to wake up in the morning, and to live the vibrant energetic gift that has always been inside of you," she said. "While we hold you accountable and push you to be your best, we keep in mind that your personal best is different every day. Invest in your life today, and become The Fit Factor at our high and low-impact circuit training party!"

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  1. Thanks Alhambra Source for writing this article!

    It's greatly appreciated!

    Live Fully.

    -The Fit Factor 

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