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STOLEN! 2009 Green Buddy Scooter Main/Hidalgo



Alhambra , CA 91801 United States

My 2009 Buddy Scooter (Italia) was stolen from our carport at Main/Hidalgo in Northeast Alhambra.  It was taken overnight on Tuesday, June 28th. It was locked, so somone must have picked it up and put it in a truck or van. 

I've reported it to the Alhambra Police Department, but if you see someone riding around on it,or bragging about taking it, or saw anything weird that night, please, please, please let me or the police department know!

VIN: RFVPAC60291002883 

CA Plate: 19T8354


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4 thoughts on “STOLEN! 2009 Green Buddy Scooter Main/Hidalgo”

  1. ooof… that really saddens me. Scooters are so prone to theft, unless you live in Thailand/Japan… It's hard to believe, in a “first world” country, someone would steal a relatively cheap vehicle.

    Then again, knowing all this, ground anchors MUST be used if you're not storing your bike inside a garage. That's the bottom line. And if you don't… well.. this happens:

    Ground anchor: http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/1/4/74/2785/ITEM/Kryptonite-Strongh…

  2. Thanks Anthony.  I'm keeping an eye out for someone riding your bike, too.  Have you checked with the local bike shops?  There are a couple on Huntington (one in San Marino and one in El Sereno) and one on Main (just east of Hidalgo). 

    I'm still holding out hope that someone will see the scoot and let us know.  

  3. Did you know you can report stolen items online now? Here’s a link for future reference:


  4. Good luck finding it. My green bicycle was just stolen on Tuesday night from right outside Thai Purple! Come on Alhambra, when did we start to steal bikes?

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