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Robbery safety tips from the Alhambra Police Department

On January 14, 2017, at 12:30 a.m., Alhambra Police Department officers investigated a robbery and attempted carjacking in the 400 block of South Almansor Street. The two victims reported finding two Hispanic male suspects inside their vehicle. When the victims confronted the suspects, one suspect brandished a handgun and the other suspect brandished a knife. The suspects fled on foot with the victim’s purse.

 Shortly after, the Alhambra Police Department officers received a call of suspicious subjects in the rear yard of a residence near where the robbery had occurred. Officers arrived and detained 21-yr-old Steven Perez and 19-yr-old Anthony Bruno, both Pico Rivera residents. A purse was located near the suspects that belonged to one of the robbery victims. Both victims were brought to the scene and they positively identified Perez and Bruno as the suspects that robbed them and attempted to carjack them. Both suspects were placed under arrest. The firearm used was not immediately recovered, despite a yard-to-yard search by officers. Once it was daylight, officers responded back out to the scene to conduct a more thorough search. This second search included the use of a police helicopter and canine. Officers located a handgun possibly used by the suspects in the rear yard of a residence not far from where the suspects were apprehended. The realistic-looking firearm turned out to be a replica that had the orange tip removed. Both suspects remain in police custody with a bail set at $100,000 for Bruno and a bail set at $400,000 for Perez.

A second robbery occurred on January 14, 2017, at 1:06 p.m., in the 900 block of East Valley Boulevard. An elderly female was attacked and robbed while outdoors of an apartment complex. The male suspect approached the victim and assaulted her, leaving her with a bruised head. The female victim does not remember much and it is unclear whether a weapon was used. The suspect fled in an unknown direction with the victim’s purse. The Alhambra Police Department officers searched the area but they did not find the suspect. The female victim was hospitalized for examination, but is not believed to have suffered any life-threatening injuries. Detectives are proactively working the case.

Alhambra Police Department detectives are asking for anyone who has any information about this crime to please call (626)308-4875.  Callers can remain anonymous.

Some tips to be aware of to avoid being a victim of a crime:

·       Always be aware of your surroundings. Be vigilant of activity around you and attentive to individuals approaching you. If you think you are being followed, go to a crowded area.

·       Be cautious of strangers or individuals that approach you to engage in conversation, ask for assistance, or represent some type of service.

·       Do not allow yourself to be distracted by activity such as talking on your cell phone, listening to music or reading.

·       Walk in well-lit areas. If possible, never walk alone.

·       Protect your electronics by not displaying them.

·       Do not display large amounts of cash when paying for items, and do not display excessive jewelry.

·       Use ATMs during the daylight hours in well-populated areas.

·       Carry your keys in your hand.

·       Men: If you carry a wallet, place it in your front hip pocket or inside jacket pocket. Do not carry your wallet in your back pocket.

·       Women: When walking in public spaces, carry a small handbag or purse that you can grasp with a hand

In the event a robber confronts you:

·       Do not take any action that could jeopardize your personal safety or the safety of others. Remember, your safety is the most important and property can be replaced.

·       Remain calm and do as you are told.

·       Carefully observe the physical characteristics or the robber.

·       Be a good witness. Note as much detail about the suspect(s) as possible (age, race, height, facial hair, speech, clothing, odor, etc.).

After the robbery:

·       When it is safe, notify the police by calling 911.

·       Law enforcement will ask for the following: location of the robbery, whether anyone is injured, the exact time the robber(s) left and their direction of travel, the kind of weapon used, description of the vehicle, the robber(s), their clothing, appearance or unique features, money, or items taken, and other information to assist responding officers.

·       Protect the scene of the crime. Do not touch anything, you might destroy evidence.

·       Ask all witnesses to stay until law enforcement arrives. Allow no one in except the police or emergency personnel. 

·       Write down all suspect information immediately and do not discuss the robbery with anyone until questioned by the police. 

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