Pasadena Student Wins Annual Dream Award Scholarship

ALHAMBRA, Calif., December 5, 2012 – Pasadena resident and Everest College–Alhambra graduate, Wendy Bonilla, has won the school’s 2012 Dream Award, which acknowledges one alumnus for overcoming extraordinary challenges and demonstrating exemplary leadership.

Bonilla didn’t always know what she wanted to do with her life.  Confused about her career options after graduating high school, Bonilla enrolled in Everest College to pursue a vocation in medical assisting, where she graduated with a 4.0 GPA and as editor of the college’s newsletter.    

“Wendy has touched the lives of so many students and faculty by being the person she is and the person she has become,” said Trung Tran, president, Everest College-Alhambra.  “She came to Everest very confused and unsure of her career path.  She graduated with a perfect grade point average in our medical assistant diploma program.  Wendy is a great example of how students can not only find their career paths at Everest College, but themselves as well.”

Bonilla admits she did not want to attend traditional college and was looking for a fast-track career with growth opportunities.  She soon learned of Everest College’s Medical Assistant Diploma Program, which provided a balanced curriculum of practical and academic learning to enable her to enter the workforce quickly and properly trained. 

“I was so unsure of my career path.  I didn’t know if I was going to school for my parents or for myself,” said Bonilla.  “Everest sat down with me and helped me find the right career path.  I quickly got involved, joined the ambassador program, and became a mentor and editor of the school’s newsletter.  I learned so much at Everest and feel very confident about my career in medical assisting.”   

Bonilla currently works as a medical assistant for a family medical practice in Pasadena.  As a Dream Award winner, she will receive a $2,500 Everest College scholarship to pursue an advanced program in her field of study.

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