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Looking for a Language Exchange Partner (Mandarin Chinese and English)



1131 S Fremont Ave
Alhambra , CA 91803 United States

I am a graduate student at USC Annenberg, and I am looking for a native Mandarin Chinese speaker that is willing to tutor Chinese in exchange for English tutoring.

I lived in Beijing for four years (2004-2007). My Chinese was once very good, though it is now a bit rusty. I tutored English quite a bit while I lived in China, to students of all ages and language levels. And I would love to find a language exchange partner in Alhambra that has some experience teaching Chinese.

Please email degrazia at usc dot edu if you are interested.

Thank you!


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1 thought on “Looking for a Language Exchange Partner (Mandarin Chinese and English)”

  1. Hi~
    I an a native Mandarin Chinese speaker .
    My name is sophie.
    We can use skype talk to each other.

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