Holiday tree recycling

Holiday trees will be picked up at curbside for recycling from Monday, December 27, 2010 through Saturday, January 8, 2011. Since both Christmas and New Year's will occur on a Saturday this year, residents should put trash and recyclables at curbside on their regular pick-up day. (There will NOT be the one-day delay that often occurs when the holiday falls on a weekday.)

To properly recycle holiday materials…

  • – Put ribbon and bows in the green trash container. They are not recyclable.
  • – Cardboard and gift boxes should be placed in your blue recyclable container. Not all wrapping paper is recyclable. If it has metallic specs, pass it through a shredder and use it as filler for other gifts throughout the year.
  • – Put fresh wreath(s) in the black yard waste container.
  • – Cut tree into lengths no longer than six feet, and remove all items from the tree or wreath, including stands, nails, ornaments and tinsel.
  • – Place your tree (including flocked trees) at the curb for collection no earlier than noon on the day preceding your regularly scheduled collection. The trees are recycled into compost, mulch or ground cover at no extra charge to you.

Photo by milele

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