Helpful guys in Blue take the pressure off Cupid by surprising thousands of Southern Californians with complimentary roses!

Helpful guys in Blue take the pressure off Cupid by surprising thousands of Southern Californians with complimentary roses!

Spread ‘Random Acts of Helpfulness’ to Seniors, Children, Students and Couples on Feb 13th & 14th

WHAT:  37.8% of Americans will buy flowers for Valentine’s Day 2015 – a projected all-time high, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation!

Cupids, dressed as Helpful Honda guys in their iconic blue polos, are planning to help curb lovers spending –at least for those in the Southland– by surprising residents with thousands of complimentary roses! 

For those who could simply use a smile or might have forgotten a gift for their special someone, SoCal Honda is sending out their teams of Helpful Guys in Blue to share a small token of love with seniors, students, couples and children; thousands of complimentary red roses individually wrapped with a special Valentine’s message.

Helpful Honda will be blanketing the Southland, visiting locations such as senior citizen homes, non-profit organizations, gas stations, college campuses and marriage locations. No strings attached – it’s really their job to be Helpful!

WHERE:  Complimentary Roses will be handed out at various surprise public locations in the following cities:

Friday, February 13th (from 10am – 1pm)

Universal City, Studio City, Northridge, South LA and Santa Monica

Saturday, February 14th (from 10am – 1pm)

Alhambra, Long Beach, El Monte,  West Covina, Riverside, Santa Ana and Westminster

Residents are encouraged to follow the Helpful Honda teams on Twitter @HelpfulHonda #HelpfulRoses and for fun tips and clues around their whereabouts!

WHY:  The Guys in Blue look forward to spreading acts of helpfulness with complimentary roses for those who might be a little down or a bit forgetful when it comes to Cupid’s favorite holiday. This is one of many ways the SoCal Honda Dealers are continuing their commitment to being helpful in unexpected and meaningful ways.

Since the New Year, the Helpful SoCal Honda Dealers have been spreading a message of Helpful after the Holidays by volunteering at local food banks, blood drives and animal shelters; cleaning up local parks and beaches; opening doors; carrying groceries; and providing umbrella escorts on rainy days.  Starting in March, they will be hosting Pet Adoptions with local shelters, and as the busy travel season starts, the Helpful Tanker Truck will once again be out providing complimentary tanks of gas.

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