Free Mulch and Compost


South Pasadena School District Parking Lot

1020 El Centro St.
South Pasadena , CA 91030 United States

Need to protect your soil? How about some free mulch?

Could your soil need a nutrient boost? How about some free compost?

The City of South Pasadena, in partnership with Athens Services and TruGreen Landscape, are hosting a free mulch and compost giveaway for South Pasadena residents on Saturday, June 22nd.

If you’ve got containers, the city will provide the shovels. Up to 100 gallons can be scooped up and driven away.

Mulch, donated by TruGreen, is chipped tree trimmings or bark. It reduces evaporation, reduces weeds, and can give your yard a “final touch” appearance.

Compost, donated by Athens, consists of yard trimmings and/or food waste that breaks down into a fine, dark matter over time. It’s recommended that compost be mixed into the soil to provide essential nutrients to plants.

Happy gardening, everyone.

Mulch & Compost GiveawaySaturday, June 22nd, 8:30-11:30 a.m.1020 El Centro St., School District parking lot, South Pasadena 91030For more info, contact the Water Conservation Analyst at 626.403.7311Or email

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