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CSC helps you (Californian) to apply for Covered CA or Medi-Cal now! 華埠服務中心可幫助加州公民申請Covered California & Medi-Cal 健康保險


Chinatown Service Center

767 North Hill Street, Suite 400
Los Angeles , CA 90012 United States

Great News ~~ Chinatown Service Center helps you (Californian) to apply for Covered California and gets the brand-name health insurance now! Chinatown Service Center is a Certified Entity and our Certified Enrollment Counselors will provide free assistance and help individuals and families apply and select insurance in your area when it’s convenient for your from Chinatown to San Gabriel Valley!

Please contact our Certified Enrollment Counselors at our CSC headquarter office and Monterey Park social services office NOW: 1. Chinatown Service Center – Headquarter Main Office Add ~ 767 N. Hill Street, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90012 Tel ~ (213) 808-1700 2. Chinatown Service Center – Monterey Park Social Service Office Add ~ 112 N.Chandler Ave., Suite 105, Monterey Park, CA 91754 Tel ~ (626) 293-8733

What is Covered California? Covered California is the place where Californians can get brand-name health insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It’s the only place to get federal premium assistance to help you buy private insurance from companies like the ones listed on the right. That means you may qualify for a discount on private insurance, or get health insurance through the state’s Medi-Cal program. Either way, you’ll get great health coverage.

All Californians can sign up during open enrollment, which begins Nov. 1, 2015, and continues through Jan. 31, 2016. Many others may be eligible to sign up at any time during the year due to a life-changing event such as getting married, having a child or moving. Medi-Cal enrollment is year-round, as well.

好消息~~華埠服務中心可幫助您(加州公民)申請Covered California和得到名牌醫療保險!所有加州公民現在可以從2015年11月1日至2016年1月31日期間註冊!華埠服務中心將提供數名認證登記諮詢師,專為個人和家庭提供免費申請及絕對保密!請立即與華埠服務中心社會服務部聯繫: 1. 華埠服務中心 – 總部辦公室 a. 767 N. Hill Street, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90012 b. 中國城電話: (213) 808-1700 2. 華埠服務中心 – 蒙特利公園市社會服務部 a. 112 N. Chandler Ave., Suite 105, Monterey Park, CA 91754 b. 蒙市電話: (626) 293-8733

華埠服務中心也可以幫您申請白卡或州政府醫療補助(Medi-Cal)的健康計劃。快來加入我們華埠服務中心 ,我們將同時幫助您申請Medi-Cal或Covered California ~ 完全免費及保密!


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