Creamistry, serving liquid nitrogen ice cream, to open in Alhambra on New Year’s Day!


Alhambra , CA United States

Creamistry Rings in the New Year with its Alhambra Location

One of the Original Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream shops will open its doors in Alhambra

 Watch out Los Angeles! Creamistry, the genius behind delicious Liquid-Nitrogen Ice Cream, will be opening shop this coming January, for its Alhambra location in the San Gabriel Valley. Creamistry Alhambra will be giving away free swag, ice cream and prizes during their grand opening. Just off the 710 freeway and conveniently located on South Fremont Avenue and Mission Road, the Alhambra location will be a delight to 626 residents.

Made with an almost futuristic process that is a blend of art and science, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is the newest frozen dessert trend sweeping the country, but Creamistry Alhambra is the destination to experience it the right way. This fresh made-to-order ice cream stands apart from the various Boba and teashops that populate the city by delivering the ultimate gourmet ice cream with a creamy texture like no other. This kid-friendly, thrilling experience can be enjoyed by all as trained “Creamologists” inject liquid nitrogen to rapidly freeze handcrafted artisan ice cream right before your eyes. It is then topped with ingredients to create a fresh and creamy frozen treat that will make you forget all about traditional ice cream. This unique establishment provides not only a go-to destination for families, but also a fun place for students to hang out with their friends after school or on the weekends.

Jason, the Alhambra location owner, is a big fan himself. “I am excited to introduce our handcraft creations to the Alhambra community. Not only is this concept unique and delicious, but also we are proud to offer this customized creamy treat with over 70 topping options. I know that all residents of Alhambra will be delighted by this.”

Creamistry has changed the game with their revolutionary ice cream making process and you can experience it for yourself at Creamistry Alhambra soon. Keep a lookout for the grand opening date for your chance to try it for free!

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1129 S. Fremont Ave Unit B

Alhambra, CA 91803

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