Climb Aboard the Magical History Tour to 1920s Alhambra

              Climb Aboard the Magical History Tour to 1920s Alhambra  

(Alhambra, CA) — An attractive blonde woman with bobbed hair lounges on a lawn chair outside a grand Arts & Crafts  home, sipping lemonade and lazily leafing through the latest Ladies Home Journal as her friends play a spirited game of croquet. Notes from a new song, The Charleston, begin to waft from the house and she begins tapping her toe to the beat. Soon, they’re all dancing to the popular song, kicking and stepping, crisscrossing their knees in perfect time. A scene from the summer blockbuster The Great Gatsby? Perhaps. But, it might also be a scene from Alhambra Preservation Group’s upcoming Magical History Tour, scheduled for Sunday, June 23, which will transport participants to the 1920s for a glimpse of Alhambra during the Jazz Age. “It’s like nothing we’ve ever done before,” stated Alhambra Preservation Group President, Christine Olson. “This tour will offer something for everyone – native or newcomer. Together, we’ll explore little-known aspects of Alhambra’s rich history.” 

Among the afternoon’s activities will be exclusive tours of two Alhambra Heritage Home Award-winning residences (neither of which has been opened previously for public viewing), as well as visits to other historically significant homes and buildings. Throughout the tour, history will come alive through encounters with historic figures whose influence and accomplishments shaped the development of the entire San Gabriel Valley.  

The Magical History Tour will take place between noon and 4:00 on Sunday, June 23, 2013.  Space will be limited for this exclusive event.  The $50 admission will cover the cost of a four-hour tour aboard the air conditioned chartered motor coach, a light lunch, the chance to win prizes and the opportunity to learn surprising facts about Alhambra’s history and meet some of the people who made it happen.  Get on board with historic preservation by joining APG for what will be a day of fun, adventure and learning. 

APG’s Magical History Tour is made possible through the generous sponsorship of The Alhambra/The Ratkovich Company; Mike and Erin Maloney of The Maloney Group at Keller Williams Realty, Pasadena; and The Alhambra Historical Society.  All proceeds from this fundraising event will support the educational mission of Alhambra Preservation Group, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2003, to ensure that the historical, architectural and cultural resources of Alhambra are identified, protected and celebrated for their contributions to Alhambra’s heritage, economy and environment.  

To make your reservations for the Magical History Tour, contact Alhambra Preservation Group at (626) 755-3467. You can also follow Alhambra Preservation Group on Facebook, or visit its blog,  

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