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City Council to Vote on Controversial Midwick Project – Feb 9th

The Council Hearing to approve the specific plan to rezone a portion of the Midwick neighborhood will be on Monday, February 9th at 7 PM in council chambers.

City Ventures, the current owner, has asked the city to approve a Specific Plan authorizing rezoning for the gated development. The controversial development has been opposed by Preserve Midwick and Grassroots Alhambra,local coalitions of residents opposed to the project. 

The City Council will vote on rezoning a mixed residential part of the Midwick neighborhood to R-3 for incorporation into the planned gated community.

Coalition groups Grassroots Alhambra, Preserve Midwick and the Alhambra Preservation Group will have speakers to address the Council.

Residents opposing or supporting the project are encouraged to come and voice your views.

City Agenda:


2 thoughts on “City Council to Vote on Controversial Midwick Project – Feb 9th”

  1. The city council will approve the project.  It does not matter who,is there or what is said.  Their minds are made up…just like the planning commission.

    1. So true. I cringed at the commissioners' remarks at the end of the January meeting. Not only were they condescending; they appeared not to even understand most of the opponents' remarks. And I can't believe that the City Councilmembers won't act the same way. Grassroots Alhambra is wise to do its best to fight this unwanted, inappropriate project.

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