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Chinese American Eye Study (CHES)

 Good News for Chinese Americans!!  

USC Doheny Eye Institute is also conducting an eye study for adults 50 years and older, called the Chinese-American Eye Study (CHES). The purpose of the study is to learn more about eye health in the Chinese-American adult population so that programs can be created to help Asian communities, both here and nationwide. Full participation entails being interviewed by a field interviewer at a time convenient for you and receiving a comprehensive eye exam by a USC eye doctor at the clinic. The eye exam is completely free. After the exam, you will receive a summary of your results, which you can give to your own healthcare provider. For more information about  CHES or if you want to participate in the study please contact CHES Clinic at: 877-488-4664 or E-mail: ches@usc.edu  

好消息!!南加州大學USC Doheny Eye Institute 的眼科醫生為你進行一次免費的全面視力檢查.美國華裔眼科健康調查(CHES) 是一項由南加州大學USC主持,由美國國家衛生研究院和美國國家眼科研究所資助的研究。該研究的目的在於增進住在MontereyPark 市,50嵗以上,美國華裔的眼科健康暸解,從而制定項目,幫助MontereyPark市和美國其它地方的亞洲社區。








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